Google’s Strategy to Beat the Competition:

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Even the giants cannot sustain in the cloud IaaS market without introducing new features. A few years back hosting plans like dedicated, shared and Windows VPS hosting were prominent, and now it’s the era of cloud computing services. It is Google that has now come up with the state of art technologies and the exceptional features to its customers. To face the competition, such innovations are inevitable and this is the reason Google has decided to appeal the developers directly. A product manager from Google, Dan Blecher, enunciated that Google is now thinking about the future of clouds, that is they focus on the evolving technology in the next 5 to 10 years. This was given out by Dan Belcher during the 17 stop Google Cloud Platform Roadshow event held recently in Boston.

What features does Google introduced? Currently, the IaaS case is where the developers can find resources ready and any amount of customization can happen. PaaS is the case where an OS is built in with other features, making is an apt environment for app development in the cloud platform. But, at times developers would like make advantage of both the cases. The Managed VMs from Google has now connected both the services. They are more of a link between IaaS and PaaS. The managed VM services will conduct updates and check for the correct specifications, and make them a perfect companion for those who handle a team of developers. Still this service is under preview.

Replica Pools is another idea Google has come out with. They are similar to the Managed VMs but they let the users copy the existing virtual machines. To put it short, they are more like copy and paste buttons for the virtual machine. This feature is offered through an API or UI, where users can create templates and the VMs with the required specifications are immediately spun out. Developers who need to handle loads of VMs and Replica Pools are the right choices. They are currently available in limited numbers.

Kubernetes is the platform that has been outsourced by Google to manage all the containers it used. Google uses multiple containers. IBM, Docker and other companies have signed into it. This is a management framework that helps to schedule the creating and using of containers. Applications can be spun up across various VMs automatically and they too can be transferred across the VMs using Kubernetes. Again, this is of limited preview like the other two mentioned here. As the competition between AWS , Microsoft and Google gets heated, Google would come with more new features/


Rackspace Hosting Inc making itself Private as heard from Reports

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Rackspace Hosting Inc is one of the renowned cloud service provider is considering the possibility to of bring the firm into private and takes a step forward and approaches a private equity firm to provide them the required fund to make the deal. TechCrunch , a technology dedicated blog reported this news on the Wednesday after getting this information from a reliable source. TechCrunch also made a report on Rackspace Hosting Inc and linux virtual private server provider photonvps.com putting themselves in the private in the beginning of this year will make an announcement regarding its making the firm private within the end of the present week.
The shares of Rackspace Hosting Inc took a leap of nine and half percent which came to thirty six dollars and ninety five cents in the premarket trading which was held on Wednesday. The value of the company Rackspace Hosting Inc is 4.8 billion dollars as it is about to close the business on Tuesday. This company has received acquisition bids of a minimum of three in which IBM and Hewlett Packard Company participated according to the information reported by the TechCrunch knowing the reports from an insider of Rackspace Hosting Inc.
The bid made by the world famous company Hewlett Packard Company was forty three dollars per share of Rackspace Hosting Inc and in this offer the value of this company Rackspace Hosting Inc comes more than six billion dollars, as reported by the technology blog TechCrunch. The Rackspace Hosting Inc is still unavailable for comments. This company Rackspace Hosting Inc was mainly oriented to save and store and access data of the several corporations which are accumulated in the cloud as well as give server space on lease to the various organizations.
In the month of May at the time of regulatory filing the company Rackspace Hosting Inc stated that numerous parties have approached them but it appointed the services of Morgan Stanley to help and assist them in the process. Rackspace Hosting Inc has met with fierce competition from the new upcoming companies and organizations and also from the much more long established and large scale cloud computing organizations that all have reduced their prices drastically in the recent times, mainly Amazon.com and Google Inc. Rackspace Hosting Inc has a server count of 10.6000 and though Amazon and Google did not reveal the number of server counts but it is assumed by the analyst that they have much higher server counts than Rackspace Hosting Inc.


web hosting and marketing

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clickWeb hosting is important to businesses. Did you know web hosting also plays a role in web marketing for businesses, too? Web hosting providers don’t only play a part in the hosting and maintenance of a business’ website. They also influence the success of their web marketing campaigns.

Business, marketing and web hosting providers

Business owners select web hosts for several reasons. Most select web hosts for both convenience and the technological offerings they may provide. Others select web hosts based on recommendations from web agencies or other marketing partners. Never do they consider a web host for marketing alone.

Until now. Nowadays, marketing plays a large part in selecting a web host for a businesses. While the web host isn’t directly involved in marketing, having a stable and intuitive web host makes a business’ marketing efforts much easier.

The face of marketing

Web marketing, specifically certain aspects of the craft, takes advantage of an online opportunity. In most cases, that opportunity very much relies on the type of traffic that may come to a business’ website.

Web marketing manifests in several ways, whether actively or passively, to take advantage of site traffic. Active web marketing involves directly reaching to consumers who may visit a website to view content. Passively marketing to site visitors typically involves advertising through web advertisements or banners.

Both marketing aspects are ineffective without a stable web host. Without a stable web host, a businesses could potentially lose out on earning conversions through a successful web marketing campaign of theirs.

The importance of up time

Most business resources suggest choosing a web host with stable or consistent up time or, in other words, little to no downtime. This is probably the most crucial part of selecting a web host for marketing purposes. The longer a business can keep their site up, the more chances they’ll gain to develop consistent traffic.

Site visitors are known to stop visiting websites if they experience a lull in their activities on a website—downtime usually stops them. Sometimes, a site’s traffic levels can taper down completely after experiencing an outage for mere hours. Due to the nature of the web, some websites don’t recover.

Businesses avoid downtime by selecting web hosting providers with consistent up time. Having a web host with an active customer service department also helps, since they can provide near-constant support for a website on a consistent basis.


Hardware And Software Are Lesser Used

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Among hosting the best chosen is cloud hosting. New business people or the old business people choose this as they can get it according to their budget. The usage of hardware and software has comparatively reduced and thus there is a lot of power saving. I have recently changed my website to cloud hosting from shared hosting. There is a lot of improvement in my business too. The products and services are introduced to the people all over the world. As the servers are connected chances of failure is very less. I talked to many providers and then settled with one plan which was affordable.

Backing Of Technical Team

There is a lot of technical backing. The technical team helps me maintain the load, get the hardware upgraded and get the technical issues resolved. Changing from the shared server to cloud hosting is not very tedious. The power consumption is lesser and there is no much headache of maintenance.

Greener Globe

I am proud of contributing to a greener environment by having lesser hardware. Cloud hosting does not require a lot of hardware which in turn reduces the emission of carbon into the environment. The software used is also less here as it is a simpler network. Traffic is maintained easily with the plans. As my business expanded I can change my plan and thus save a lot of money.


Cloud Hosting Is Reliable And Secured

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Internet has entered every field and made life easier. People have come to know more about things in the world through internet. Cloud hosting is the recent technology which has changed our lives and given many comforts. Now we have the power of browsing many servers in the same connection. I feel it very comfortable when the choice is wider and I can choose the best. My pocket is also not cut instead cloud hosting is more affordable. I have made the planet greener by choosing this hosting which does not demand much of hardware in-house. Not only at home, we can use cloud hosting for official uses also.

Our company need not spend more money for the hardware or the software. Management of hardware is quite easy and cheaper when compared to ordinary hosting. Pay per use plan has made my internet bills cheaper. I changed from the traditional hosting to cloud hosting very easily. I have a lot of confidential data which has to be more secure. This security is possible with cloud hosting but only thing I had to do is to discuss with the provider about the complete security system. All my data is secure and there are no many possibilities for the hackers to get into.

Good Technical Support

I checked out with many providers for the best plan. There are many packages and plans offered by the providers. I chose the best plan according to my budget and requirement. Technical support is very important in the services. Whenever I have problems suddenly I reach out to the technical support and get it resolved immediately. Rarely do I get into problems in which they have to come and solve it personally. I am paying for only the services which I am utilizing. I do not face any tragedy of server breakdown.

Getting in touch with any industry, business or person is very easy for me with the help of cloud hosting. My market has expanded widely and I am really thankful for this. There servers are linked to each other and the browsing area is really more. Almost all the queries are answered with cloud hosting. Though the traffic is more in the peak hours there is no problem for me to browse in the internet. Instead of shared or dedicated servers where there are limits for browsing this hosting provides a lot of comforts in browsing.

Has Helped Business In Many Ways

I have recommended many of the fellow businessmen to cloud hosting. There are small and big businessmen, but they feel very comfortable with cloud hosting. The technical services manage the load, upgrade hardware and maintain the servers easily. As the hardware used here is less I feel great in helping the planet to remain pollution free without any carbon emission. As all the servers do not fail at a time it is easy to browse with the interconnected servers. Business men like me have found it very convenient to get the necessary profit from the internet. There are photon vps or virtual private servers also in the market.

The business has to be represented by the website in today’s market. Small or big business people are highly benefited from hosting the website through cloud hosting. Many people can reach the website and thus there is a flow of customers. The traffic can be maintained with cloud hosting. I feel that everyone has to use cloud hosting to get a wide range of customers. They can expand the business and similarly the website by using this host service. They can go about changing the plan as they expand the business. Reliable, secured and affordable packages are available in cloud hosting.


Change Plans To Improve Services Of Cloud Hosting

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When I started with the business I was using dedicated hosting. To reduce the costs I changed to shared hosting. But there were many technical issues which made me again change to cloud hosting. Business has to be represented by the website in these days. There are many customers who browse from many parts of the globe. To reach such customers it is very important to have cloud hosting. There were times where my business was not getting improved with smaller bandwidth hosting. The traffic had to be minimized to keep the website running within the budget. This reduced my profit margin.

Got Plan According To My Budget

I would always wonder how to improve my business and at last I found cloud hosting. Here the sky is the limits. There are a number of plans and packages which can be chosen. I had to visit many providers to know more about the packages and plans. I decided for the best plan for my budget. From that day to this day there is no stop in my business. There is a lot of traffic in the website which has fetched me a lot of profit. I have reached many customers across the globe and thus my products have become quite popular.

Business For 24×7 Hours

I have found a lot of benefits through cloud hosting. My files are secured as the hackers cannot reach them easily. There is no much usage of hardware which has helped me to contribute for a greener globe. My business has to run for all the 24 hours and so this hosting helps me without a breakdown. Here many servers are connected to each other and if one server breaks down also the other servers will help the customers browse. As my business goes increasing I have to just change my plans to accommodate the traffic.


Cloud Hosting Has Many Servers Interconnected

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Business has become competitive globally. All like to reach higher in profits. There is a lot of aggressive competition online. Each and every business has to be represented with a website to stay in the market. It is very easy to change from the traditional hosting to cloud hosting services. There is no much requirement of software and hardware. I recently changed by services which was running under dedicated services to cloud hosting. I have found tremendous change in my business. The customers reach us easily as the traffic is maintained very easily here. There are no hindrances in my business due to server problems as here there are many servers interconnected.

Business Has Turned Easier

The websites can be browsed from any of the servers easily. I had to just go through the packages and plans offered by the cloud hosting providers before hosting my website. They give maximum technical backing which is very important for maintaining my software and hardware. The customers have a lot of chance to compare the prices and services. This has made my business very easy as my customers now realize about my reduced rates. I have reduced my cost of maintenance by having lesser hardware. The carbon given out by the hardware also has reduced a lot.
Security is also an important factor in business. Many files have to be kept confidential. The hackers should not have any loop holes to break in. This security is very much possible with cloud hosting. The overall power consumption of the company has reduced due to the minimized use of hardware. As my business is improving I can change the package and thus have more space for the traffic. As I had dedicated server in the beginning I was thinking changing over is difficult. But it did not take much time.

Lot Of Savings

My money resources are saved which can be used for some other purpose in my business. The hosting is reliable, affordable and also secured. From a small businessman I have changed to a big businessman. The website hosting has accordingly changed. The customers remain loyal to my business as they find it very easy to contact and get the products and services from my company very easily. Servers connected to each other gives the customers a great way to browse. They find the website always working and if one server is down the other servers help the customer. Thus cloud hosting has helped business people like us a lot.